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Starting a band can be hard. Keeping a band together is a million times harder. First you've got to have more than one person with enthusiasm and drive, and a willingness to just get out there and entertain. If you make it past one person - you've made it to duo. Add a third who shows up reliably, and voilá, you have a trio. By the time you add a fourth - you've made it to band-dom. Now if you're not a full time band, and what set of grownups can really afford that, then you've got to find a healthy balance of family, job, talent, practice, equimpent, and the biggie, TIME -- and yes it probably is in that order. Now find 4-6 people who can all pull that off.

Next, and probably not as important, though it certainly helps in the long run, they have to LIKE each other, and enjoy working tirelessly for almost no reward, save the satisfaction that you're moving closer to "a goal..." People try all sorts of tricks to locate like minded individuals, who share the passion, but it is almost a hard as finding a spouse. Really!

Some of us started as co-workers, then we added halves of broken up bands, then we re-invented, re-cast the net oh-so-many-times on Craig's List. Believe us, we could write quite a book on the process...

So enter UDoVooDoo, a group of folks who have slowly morphed themselves into a REAL band! And we're local! And we want to play for you! And we want to support the community, both by volunteering to provide entertainment for local charities, as well as support the bands and players who we share this community with.

We're your Band!

We're be delighted to play for you! We're available for charitable benefits, fundraisers, Bar & Restaurant gigs, wineries, week-end barbequeues, etc. We're pretty flexible, so let us know what you're looking for. Our rates are reasonable, and we give discounts for repeat appearances.
Contact us via email at,using the form below, or call Eric @ 571-274-5955.

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